About Cherie Enns Consulting

Cherie Enns Consulting specializes in building lasting communities, which consider the needs of all ages and demographics, with an emphasis on sustainable and socially conscious development. We provide action research and community-based improvements through interdisciplinary approaches to consultation, project management and innovative education, enabling us to draw on expert knowledge and a wide variety of skillsets.

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Meet The Team

Cherie Enns


Cherie Enns, MCIP, RPP, Ph.D.(cand) is the owner and operator of Cherie Enns Consulting with over 25 years of teaching and applied planning experience She applies innovative community planning solutions to community challenges and specializes in policy development and fund mobilization.  She has worked extensively in areas of age friendly planning, project management, resource mobilization, child-friendly cities, innovative participatory planning, mobile e-learning, and in affordable housing, and responses to homelessness.  Issues of social justice and creative grassroots responses are central to her projects.  She is also available as a guest speaker on any of the above-mentioned topics.

Shana Roberts

Consultant/Senior Planner

Shana has deeply invested time and effort into learning best practice methods of sustainable development, child's rights and ethics, and has incorporated many of the child friendly initiatives in her own education, practical work, and policy development.

Judith Kasiama


Judith Kasiama born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo immigrated to Canada in 2010. Obtained her BA in International Studies with a Concentration in History, at Trinity Western University where she explored the area of interest of gender, race and social economics that impact women in the global south. Judith enjoys traveling and learning from the rich diverse culture that the world has to offer and wants to one work as a diplomat. Her travel has been the Middle East, Germany, Poland, United States, and Australia.  She has worked on several projects with CEC, including the research approach for child consultation completed for World Humanitarian Summit.

Njavwa Mukwavi


Njavwa Mukwavi specializes in the field of child welfare and international development - particularly in the area of project management, administration and social policy. She has both ground level and managerial experience with governmental and nongovernmental organizations operating in the area of child welfare and advocacy, as well as poverty eradication and the empowerment of women. Njavwa has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care at the University of the Fraser Valley with a specialization in Child Welfare, as well as a Master’s degree in Globalization from McMaster University. She has worked on several projects with CEC, including recent design of the Child Participatory Vulnerability Index.

Melissa Kendzierski


Melissa has a passion for community health, more specifically – graphic facilitation, recording, coordinating projects as well as developing programs to promote community engagement.   

Melissa can be contacted via email melissa.kendzierski@gmail.com

Derrick Swallow


Derrick is passionate about community engagement, urban issues, urban design, and transportation. Having earned his BA in Honours Geography with a concentration in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of the Fraser Valley, Derrick now looks to pursue his graduate degree.

Daniel Bryce


With a Master's in Planning from Dalhousie University and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of the Fraser Valley, Daniel knows the importance of displaying and analysing data spatially for successful planning. With Planning and GIS experience in Kenya, Northern Alberta, Coastal Tanzania, British Columbia, and the Maritimes, Daniel has mapped and analysed information for the benefit of various government, private sector, academic and not-for-profit projects. 

Daniel has worked with Cherie Enns Consulting since 2007 on projects involving: affordable housing in Summerland, Abbotsford and Peachland, BC; development of the Eminus Academy Mobile Education Platform; Child Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa; and stakeholder engagement for the Representative for Children and Youth BC.

Creative Media HD

Multi-Media Company

Creative Media HD is an experienced multi-media company based in Victoria, BC. They have worked on commercial projects for various international development organizations as well as well as many local commercial and artistic projects.

Matthew Roddis Urban Design

Urban Design Company

Matthew Roddis Urban Design is an award-winning public and private sector urban design company. Projects include urban design plans for large transit projects to leading design workshops focused on the revitalization of a small town’s Main Street.   

Mundu Mwara Studios

Animation Studios

Mundu Mwara Studios is an inspirational animation studio that causes empowerment. Their mission is to provide African children and young adults with original Kenya-centric animated content in entertainment and education.


Spacial Integrity

Project Management

Spatial Integrity is designed to assist marginalized communities in mapping projects and resource planning which can best increase their capacity and capability in community growth and cultural revitalization and effectively “Make the Invisible, Visible”.